Administrative Tasks


1. Subdomain

Just go to your Bookstack app in the NWS Customer Interface and click on "Settings". Open the "CNAME"- tab and fill in your subdomain.Subdomain.png

2. Customer Domain

To setup your Customer Domain, the following things must be fulfilled /accomplished:

  1. Domain must belong to you
  2. You must set an A-record to IP for the domain name
    1. You enter this in our NWS Customer interface at your Bookstack app under "Settings"
  3. You specify if you want to have a Let's encrypt certificate or an SSL certificate

Upgrade to a bigger plan

Just go to your Bookstack app in the NWS Customer Interface and click on "Manage contract". Here you can upgrade to Advanced or Premium plan.  If the Premium plan is no longer sufficient, contact us via and we will provide you with a customized solution on OpenStack. upgrade plan bookstack.png

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