Bills and Costs

Where can I find my bills?

  • You can find your bills on your NWS Dashboard MyEngineer_Bills.pngMyEngineer_Bills_2.png
  • When you click on "view all invoices", you will find all extisting bills created for your account -> here you can download every single bill 
  • You will receive a separate invoice for each started project within our services you start 


  • click on your user icon at the upper right corner of your screenBills_Alternative.png
  • now go on "Show invoices"17 show invoices.png

Where can I deposit a separate E-mail for invoicing? 

To ensure that our invoices are sent directly to the correct department (e.g. accounting department), you can deposit billing addresses.

For this you go in the NWS-Customer-Interface to "Manage Organisation".