Cloud Services - OpenStack


Compute-, Storage- and Network-Ressources

With us, you only pay as much as you actually use.

Prices are based on the hourly usage of your resources, such as CPU, RAM, Disk, load balancer, that are used to run your VMs.

You can find the exact billing details for individual resources on our Pricing page.


Traffic is billed by volume per month. Only Ingress- and Egress-Traffic which leaves our data centre is going to be accounted for. Due to the high bandwidth network links there is no 100% accurate measurement possible without affecting the network performance. This is why we are using sFlow.

sFlow is an industry-standard, which was designed to provide continuous network-wide monitoring of L2-L7 packet flows in high-speed switched environments. A key element of sFlow is the statistical sampling of packets forwarded by a switch or router. Every sample includes all of the header information of this particular kind of traffic.

Our sampling rates depend on the speed of the specific network link:

1 GE 1 of 1.000 packets
10 GE 1 of 2.000 packets
40 GE 1 of 40.000 packets

For instance, if a customer is sending 5 GB of data within a billing period (month), we will collect about 33.000 samples with an average packet size of 150 Bytes on a 1 GE link. The error rate, in this case, will be about 1.07 %.


Contract terms

With our OpenStack, there is no contract period.

You can start your OpenStack project on your own and you can delete it on your own. 

As soon as you have deleted your VMs, no further costs will be accounted for it.

We check the background of a freemailer address before we can approve it, as we only offer Openstack for B2B customers.

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