ETCD Backups for the state of your k8s cluster

If a K8s cluster is damaged, the state of the K8s cluster can be restored with an etcd backup. Here is stored for example which containers and which volumes should be running.

The state of your cluster is stored in the etcd key-value-store. You can configure periodic backups for the etcd store.

To enable etcd backups you need to click "Set etcd Backup interval" in the cluster's context menu.

k8s 12 etcd backup 1.png

Now choose your desired backup interval.

k8s 13 Backup 2.png

The etcd backups are stored in the S3-Object-Storage. You can find the credentials in the "Object Storage" section of the Kubernetes interface.

PVC Backups for your workload

etcd Backups just save the state of your K8s cluster, but not your workload.

The actual application and its data must be backed up separately via the PVC backups. 

To enable backups of your workload, you need to click "Configure Backup" in the PVC's context menu.

k8s 14 pvc backup 1.png

Now choose your desired backup interval.

k8s 15 pvc backup 2.png

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