MyEngineer Introduction

General Information

You can start and use our NETWAYS Cloud (OpenStack) and Kubernetes Service completely independently. 
But if you need support in the operation of your environment, you can book the MyEngineer Service.

MyEngineer features

Personal contact

Your MyEngineer is your permanent contact person with direct dialing. No hotline or waiting loop. Reach out and you’ll directly reach your MyEngineer – whether by phone, email or ticket.

24/7 Service

Whenever something goes wrong, you can contact us. You can send us normal requests via mail, ticket or phone. In case of emergency we are available 24/7 via our hotline.

Know how

We’re familiar with the latest technologies and constantly upskill ourselves around the OpenSource universe.


Just pay when you use it, no fix support fees.

Here you can always find the actual MyEngineer hourly rates.

MyEngineer Support for Kubernetes Service

Before creating your first K8s cluster, we look together at your existing infrastructure. We support you with appropriate architectural advice, make a topography of your intentions and plan the route you want to go. Then we kick start your cluster.

After setting up your K8s clusters, we can provide you a direct contact persion for:

MyEngineer Support for OpenStack

We examine your current IT environment and set new goals. We support you with appropriate architectural advice, look at the horizon of your intentions and dare a forecast for the next upcoming steps to building the desired infrastructure. Then we kick start your project in the cloud.

After setting your cloud up, we can provide you a direct contact persion for:

Functions overview

Get started

Here you will find the most important general information:
- How can you reach us in case of need?
- What are the conditions?
- Where are we located?



Here you can find all tickets that have ever been opened in connection with your NWS account.

Requests that are currently still being processed can be found in the open tickets.
All completed tasks can be found under closed tickets.

MyEngineer-Ticket Tab.PNG

You can also use the "new Ticket" icon to submit a new request to our MyEngineers. 

If you click on "Show" you will see the entire history of the ticketMyEngineer-Ticket Tab 2.PNG

With the "Resolve"-Button you can close the request.


Here you can find all MyEngineer assignments booked so far.

How this works you can read here.

Starting MyEngineer

Sign in to your NWS Account and start the MyEngineer-App

Design ohne Titel (9).png

A valid means of payment must first be deposited before you can start Kubernetes, OpenStack, DBaaS or MyEngineer
Here you can find instructions for setup your payment method.

The MyEngineer app works based on consumption. When you don´t use our support, nothing will be charged.

That´s why starting the MyEngineer App does not incur any costs by default
Read here how the pricing of the MyEngineer-Support Service works.

Contact our MyEngineers

Start with MyEngineer

Start our MyEngineer-Support-Service on your NWS-dashboard.

Start to find out how this works!

Contact our Engineers

On the "Get started" Tab you find all possible ways to contact us: MicrosoftTeams-image.png


Just write a mail to


Simply open a ticket in the MyEngineer app under the "tickets" tab -> there you also get an overview about all open and closed tickets MyEngineer_Ticket_öffnen.PNG


During our business hours from 09.30 am to 5.30 pm:  +49 911 92885–0

In case of EMERGENCY you find the 24/7 hotline numbers on the "Get Started" page of the MyEngineer-App.