General Questions

Why don't I have to re-enter my password after logging out?

Each application, integrated with NWS-ID, receives the confirmation of your correct authenticated user from NWS-ID when logging in. After that, separate sessions are set up and managed by each application. These are independent of the session to NWS-ID.

Logging out will only destroy your session of the actual web interface or application. This could be for example the NWS Customer Center, the NWS Cloud Interface or the Openstack CLI. However, since you are authenticated at NWS-ID, too, this session will remain in place if you log out e.g, at the Customer Center. As soon as you log in again at the Customer Center, you will be logged in without providing a password, because the session to NWS-ID is still active and can confirm your validly authenticated user.

Why can't I see any projects in the Openstack web interface?

If you’re not an admin in your organization, they must authorize your NWS-ID. This happens as usual in the user group management in the customer interface. 

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