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What is an organization?

An organiztation can be a private person, a company or a school or authority. Within an organization you can start Apps, Openstack, Kubernetes, DBaaS or our MyEngineer service. The legal entity stored in the organization is used as the legal contact for e.g. invoices.

How can I edit my organization?

JustĀ  open your user menu in the upper right corner and got to "Manage Organization".15 organization.png16 organization.PNG

Why do I have an Unnamed Organization?

Because you haven't named your organization yet. To make it easier for you to distinguish between your organizations, you can name them as you like. Don't worry, the name won't appear on the invoice.

How can I leave an organization?

Just open the user menu in the upper right corner and click on "Leave organization". In step 2 you have to confirm that you really want to leave the organization.17 user leaving organization.png