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Node Taints

Kubernetes Advanced Topics

Do not hesitate to taint worker nodes. Our DaemonSets (e.g. csi-cinder-nodeplugin) will tolerate all of them and still be scheduled on the worker nodes.


Kubernetes Advanced Topics

Static Hostnames Static hostnames can be set in an extra ConfigMap called "coredns-extra-hosts" inside the kube-system namespace. apiVersion: v1 data: hosts.list: | kind: ConfigMap metadata: name: coredns-extra-hosts ...


Kubernetes Administrative Tasks

Kubernetes Upgrades What is the recommended way to upgrade NWS Managed Kubernetes We recommend to upgrade the masters by two minor versions. Afterwards you can upgrade extra nodegroups to the version of the masters. This way you can skip a minor version on the...

Nodes and Nodegroups

Kubernetes Administrative Tasks

Resizing Nodegroups Nodes are organized in nodegroups. If you want to create new nodes or delete existing ones you have to resize the nodegroup. The nodegroup defines which flavor will be used for new nodes. To resize a nodegroup select the "Nodegroups" tab an...


NWS-ID Administrative Tasks

What is an organization? An organiztation can be a private person, a company or a school or authority. Within an organization you can start Apps, Openstack, Kubernetes, DBaaS or our MyEngineer service. The legal entity stored in the organization is used as th...



General Questions Why don't I have to re-enter my password after logging out? Each application, integrated with NWS-ID, receives the confirmation of your correct authenticated user from NWS-ID when logging in. After that, separate sessions are set up and man...