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Kubernetes Getting Started

With NWS Managed Kubernetes you have full control over all resources in your cluster. Please adhere to these rules: do not schedule your own pods on master nodes keep out of the kube-system namespace * * unless you want to do stuff that is well document...

High-IOPS PersistentVolumes

Kubernetes Advanced Topics

To use High-IOPS PersistentVolumes in your Managed Kubernetes Cluster you need to manually create a High-IOPS StorageClass and reference it in the PVC resources. kind: StorageClass allowVolumeExpansion: true apiVersion: metadata: annotation...


One Click Deployments

Kubernetes Administrative Tasks

We prepared some software stacks that you can deploy to your cluster with just one click. Prometheus monitoring Click the "Enable Prometheus-Monitoring" button in the cluster's context menu to install the kube-prometheus-stack helm chart to your cluster. The...

Cluster Autoscaling

Kubernetes Administrative Tasks

Here is how to enable Cluster Autoscaling: First click "Enable Autoscaling" in the cluster's context menu. This will create the cluster-autoscaler deployment in your cluster. To ensure that everything went fine, run the following command: $ kubectl get deploym...


Kubernetes Administrative Tasks

ETCD Backups for the state of your k8s cluster If a K8s cluster is damaged, the state of the K8s cluster can be restored with an etcd backup. Here is stored for example which containers and which volumes should be running. The state of your cluster is stored...

Openstack CLI

Cloud Services Getting Started

Installation Just install the official OpenStackClient from PyPi: pip install python-openstackclient python-barbicanclient python-cinderclient python-designateclient python-glanceclient python-heatclient python-neutronclient python-novaclient python-octaviac...

Share networks between multiple OpenStack projects

Cloud Services Administrative Tasks

Please have a look at this Blogpost where we introduced the feature and describe how to use it.

Backups and Snapshots

Cloud Services Administrative Tasks

Take a look at the Backup and Snapshot Tutorial to find out how to backup your servers and volumes.

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Cloud Services

On our tutorials page you will find numerous articles about handling our OpenStack service

Start a project and create the first server

Cloud Services Getting Started

Read our Tutorial on how to create your first OpenStack project and server here!

Horizon dashboard

Cloud Services Getting Started

The horizon dashboard is the official Web UI for OpenStack. You will find almost anything you need to control your OpenStack cloud there. You can log in to the horizon dashboard at with your NWS-ID. Please ask your administrator for...



We monitor the health of your K8s cluster 24/7 If a master or worker changes to an unhealthy state, we are alerted and fix the problem In addition, we deploy the nws-agent-stack in each cluster It consists of a prometheus-agent pod and a kube-state-metr...