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  • We monitor the health of your K8s cluster 24/7
  • If a master or worker changes to an unhealthy state, we are alerted and fix the problem
  • In addition, we deploy the nws-agent-stack in each cluster
    • It consists of a prometheus-agent pod and a kube-state-metrics pod
    • The purpose of the nws-agent-stack is to monitor the system services (everything within the kube-system namespace) in your cluster. This is used, for example, to ensure that PVCs are mapped correctly
    • Do not change its configuration!

  • We do not monitor the containers located in your namespaces by default
  • If you want to monitor your workloads, you need to install your own monitoring solution in your cluster
  • Check out the NWS-Prometheus-Stack for a customizable solution.
    Our MyEngineers are also happy to help with setup here.