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What does Managed mean?

We offer a managed Kubernetes service.

What does Managed mean at NMS:

1. We install the cluster

  • here you can find more info about starting your cluster

2. We operate and monitor your cluster

  • If a master or worker changes to "not ready", we will be alerted and fix the problem
  • We monitor the K8s system namespace in Prometheus and make sure that e.g. the load balancers are working or the PVCs are mapped correctly
  • More information about monitoring can be found here

3. We offer updates

  • The updates are divided into operating system updates and K8s version updates
  • For the K8s version updates we test the new version in advance and make sure that the normal standard installation still works with the new version
  • You can find more information about the updates here

4. We offer Backups

  • Etcd Backup
  • PVC Backup
  • here you will find more information about backups