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Load Balancers

Cloud Services Administrative Tasks

The following guides only cover the basic mandatory settings. If you would like to read more about some advanced load balancer setups and settings, please refer to our Advanced Topics section or the official Basic Load Balancing Cookbook of OpenStack. Configu...

OpenStack Project User

Cloud Services Administrative Tasks

Next to the NWS-ID, the OpenStack Project User provides an additional option to sign in to your OpenStack project. Since NWS-ID comes with some limitations regarding the use of Application Credentials, EC2 Credentials for S3 / Object Storage and Terraform, the...

Important note for the use of Application Credentials or EC2 Credentials

Cloud Services Administrative Tasks

Since Application Credentials and EC2 Credentials are always tied to an OpenStack project and a user, we recommend using the OpenStack Project User when creating and using these types of credentials. The problem with using Application Credentials or EC2 Crede...

Trust for the NWS Customer Interface

Cloud Services Administrative Tasks

The trust allows you to manage your OpenStack resources through the NWS Customer Interface.You can delete the trust yourself if you do not want our services to interact with your project's resources.Please note that by deleting the trust, you lose the ability ...

Temporary particularities for projects using the new software-defined networking 'OVN'

Cloud Services Administrative Tasks

Our cloud team is conducting a transition to a new software-defined networking (SDN) which is called 'OVN'. Until the transition is complete, our network service is running in parallel mode supporting both SDNs. However, since the previous SDN ('Midonet') is s...