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Attaching a snapshot (as an additional volume) to a Ceph-based VM

Locate snapshot

Visit the details page of your VM, click on the VM name, you will see the following screen and the attached disc. Click on the disc to go to the overview page. 


Switch to the snapshots tab to view the snapshots created manually or automatically for this machine.

Bildschirmfoto vom 2022-12-21 11-22-22.png

Create volume

On the snapshot overview page, select the desired snapshot and create a volume from it. 


Now assign the desired name for your volume in the next tab.


Attach volume

When the process is complete, you can attach the volume you just created on the overview page of your instances.



Mount volume

Your volume is now ready on the system, now you need to take a few more steps on the system.

Log into the system

  1. become root
  2. make sure which is the system disc

    df -h
  3. Display available system disk
    fdisk -l
  4. Disk mounten
    mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt


  1. Volume unmounten
    Attention, you must not be in the mount directory
    umount /mnt
  2. Detach data carrier at the machine
    Instance overview -> desired instance -> "Detach volume".
    Delete volume and if necessary manually created snapshot
    Volume -> Detach volume -> Delete volume

If the volume was attached overnight, it may also have been backed up, in which case the snapshot created must be deleted before deleting the volume.