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With us, you only pay as much as you actually use.

Prices are based on the hourly usage of your resources, such as CPU, RAM, DISK, load balancer, that are used to run your controlplane and worker nodes.

You can find the exact billing details for individual resources on our Pricing page.

Contract terms

  • With our Managed Kubernetes there is no contract period.
  • You can start your K8s project on your own and you can delete it on your own. 
  • As soon as you have deleted your cluster, no furhter costs will be accountet for it.
  • We check the background of a freemailer address before we can approve it, as we only offer Openstack for B2B customers.

Canceling K8s service

To cancel the K8s Service, you just have to delete your started clusters.

Go on the NWS Customer Interface to your K8s clusters

k8s 10 delete cluster.PNG

When it´s deleted, no furher costs will be accountet. 

P.S.: please check that no more PVCs are stored. Otherwise, there will be even more costs for this.