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NWS Apps


You can find the actual prices of all NWS Apps on our pricing site.

Contract terms

The contract terms for a NWS App depends on the selected payment method:

  • If you pay by credit card or PayPal, the NWS apps can be cancelled monthly.
  • If you pay by purchase on account, the NWS Apps can be cancelled annually. The purchase price is due in advance.

Canceling NWS App

To cancel a NWS App, you just have to go on the NWS Customer Interface , choose your NWS App


Under "Manage contract" you will find two options for canceling your app:

When you click on the upper "Cancel"-button, your contract will be deleted to the end of the started month. 

When you click on the lower "Cancel this App and delete all data"-button, your contract and all data will be deleted instantly.