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Bills and Costs

Where can I find my bills?

  • You can find your bills on your NWS Dashboard MyEngineer_Bills.pngMyEngineer_Bills_2.png
  • When you click on "view all invoices", you will find all extisting bills created for your account -> here you can download every single bill 
  • You will receive a separate invoice for each started project within our services you start 


  • click on your user icon at the upper right corner of your screenBills_Alternative.png
  • now go on "Show invoices"17 show invoices.png

Where can I deposit a separate E-mail for invoicing? 

To ensure that our invoices are sent directly to the correct department (e.g. accounting department), you can deposit billing addresses.

For this you go in the NWS-Customer-Interface to "Manage Organisation".  Billing_Adresse1.png

Now you can enter an E-mail for invoicing.


If the "invoicing" field is left blank, the invoices will go directly to the main address stored under the "Email" field.

Is it possible to deposit several E-Mail adresses for invoicing?

Yes, it is possible. You can simply enter multiple e-mail addresses in the "E-mail for invoicing" field at "Manage Organisation". They only have to be separated by a comma.

The first address will be used as "To:", all following addresses will be packed into the "CC:".

Where can I find the balance amount

If we have deposited a balance for you, you can check the remaining amount yourself at any time.

You will find the amount in the invoice area:

  • go on "Overview" and click on "View all invoices"MyEngineer_Bills.png

  • Here you can find the balance amount under the invoice graphicMyEngineer-Balance.png

  • All monthly invoice amounts will be deducted from the deposited balance amount until it is completely used up. 

Cost explorer

Since our NETWAYS Cloud, DBaaS and Kubernetes support service are charged on a consumption-dependent basis, you can always see how much costs have already been generated for these services during the month with our Cost Explorer.

You can find the Cost Explorer in the submenu of the respective service (see screenshot):Cost_Explorer.png

There is here once a display of the current consumption in this month:Cost_Explorer1.png

And then there is a projection of the expected total cost based on current consumption:Cost_Explorer2.png

All infos about the MyEngineer cost explorer can be found here

There is no Cost Explorer for our SaaS platform, as there are only fixed prices for it.