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Administrative Tasks


Just go to your Jitsi app in the NWS Customer Interface and click on "Settings". Go to  "Design Settings".

Here you can:

1. Edit Background color

Click on the Color-field and choose your desired color. Press "Save customization" to save the change. 3 Background Color NWS.png2 Background color in Jitsi.png

2. Insert own background picture and/or own logo

Just upload your company logo to the design settings under the item "Custom watermark" - please note that only SVG files can be used here.

For the background image it works the same way - only this is inserted at the point "Background image" - here JPGs or PNGs can be used.

1 Custom Watermark NWS PF.png4 Jitsi Bild u. Logo .png

3. Customize your App name, the header title and sub header title

To customize the text in the Jitsi start menue, you can change the App name, the Header title and the Subheader title at the design settings under the item "Title customization". 

5 title customization.png6 Title custom Jitsi.png

4. Customize the legal settings

Here you can insert the link for your imprint and privacy policy. 16 Legal settings.png

5. Subdomain

Just go to your GitLab app in the NWS Customer Interface and click on "Settings". Open the "CNAME"- tab and fill in your subdomain.

7 Subdomain.png

6. Customer Domain

For this, the following things must be fulfilled /accomplished:

  1. Domain must belong to you
  2. You must set an A-record to IP for the domain name
  3. You enter this in our NWS Customer interface at your Jitsi app under "Settings"8 custom domain.png
  4. You specify if you want to have a Let's encrypt certificate or an SSL certificate