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Getting started

Starting the app

Create an account on NWS Customer Interface

  • After finishing your registration, you have two possibilities to start your app:
    1. Click on the desired service at the left tool bar1..png
    2. Click on the "start app now"-button and choose the desired serviceapp starten.png3..png

  • Now name your instance, choose a plan and accept the terms of conditions -> press down-right "create"-button Jitsi.png

  • Now your app is beeing created ->

4 App is beeing created.png

  • Now you are ready to go2023-01-11 15_31_51-.png

Logging in

  • click on the Endpoints Web-Link (or on the "Go to App"- button) to get to your Jisti instance and and you can start your first video conference right away   Design ohne Titel (1).png
  • when you start your first videoconference you will first be asked to enter your user name and password, which you can find under "Settings" -> to copy the password, you must first set it to visible
  • there you can also create new users and enter passwordsDesign ohne Titel.png

Moderators in NWS Jitsi

In our Jitsi app, only one moderator can create video conference rooms. To do this, he creates a conference room and to open it, he must enter his user name and password. After his successful entry, all other participants can join the call without entering a password.

Creating more moderators

By default, an admin user is always created when starting a Jisti app. This user is not editable (name and password cannot be changed).

However, additional moderators can be created. The number of possible moderators depends on the started plan. The higher the plan, the more moderators can be created.

In the Customer Interface, go to Settings on your Jitisi app.

At the point "Customer Settings" you can now simply enter the desired username and user password and then add the user with "Add User". 9 Moderatoren anlegen.png

Starting a video conference

Log in to your Jitsi app. 
In the start menu you will find the input field to name your videoconference room (1). Enter the desired name here or just use the randomly suggested name. Go to "Start Meeting".

On the start menu you will also find a history of recent meetings (2). If you want to use one of the old meeting rooms again, just click on the room and it will open. 10 Grundmenu.png

Now enter your name. You can also set various adjustments concerning Background-picture, mircophone, camera and general settings. Click on "Join Meeting":

11 Jitsi Name.png

Now you have to confirm that you are the host (guests just have to wait till the host has opend the room) and then you have to enter your login data (username and password).

12 i am host.png

13 login daten.png