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Getting started

Difference between CE and EE

GitLab CE - Community Edition
Includes the basic, free feature set of GitLab.

GitLab EE - Enterprise Edition
You benefit from 100+ enterprise features
Here you need Enterprise licences that are not included in the NWS. The GitLab Enterprise licenses must be purchased separately from GitLab. We can gladly take over the procurement process for you here (also with invoicing by us). 

Starting the app

Create an account on NWS Customer Interface

  • After finishing your registration, you have two possibilities to start your app:
    1. Click on the desired service at the left tool bar1..png
    2. Click on the "start app now"-button and choose the desired serviceapp starten.png3..png
  • Now name your instance, choose a plan and accept the terms of conditions -> press down-right "create"-button 4..png
  • Now your app is beeing created ->
  • Now you are ready to go5 App is ready.PNG

Loggin in

  • You will find your credentials on the "Get started" tab -> To copy the password, you must first set it to visible
  • now click on the Endpoints Web-Link to get to your GitLab instance and enter your credentials1 get started.PNG2 GitLab page.PNG