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Getting started

Starting the app

Create an account on NWS Customer Interface

  • After finishing your registration, you have two possibilities to start your app:
    1. Click on the desired service at the left tool bar1 auswahl links.png
    2. Click on the "start app now"-button and choose the desired service1 auswahl start app now.png2 auswahl start app now.PNG
  • Now name your instance, choose a plan and accept the terms of conditions -> press down-right "create"-button 2023-01-12 14_37_04-NETWAYS Web Services _ contracts _ new_locale=en&product_id=8 _ Open Source Host.png
  • Now your app is beeing created ->

4 App is beeing created.png

  • Now you are ready to go2023-01-12 14_38_01-.png

Logging in

  • You will find your credentials on the "Get started" tab -> To copy the password, you must first set it to visible
  • now click on the Endpoints Web-Link (or on the "Go to App"- button) to get to your Icinga Satellite instance and enter your credentialsDesign ohne Titel (4).png