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How often are updates installed?

Security critical updates are installed on the same day (depending on their severity).
Otherwise, the latest versions are usually installed within a week.

Are you notified before updating?

Usually 1-2 days in advance.

Is there any downtime during the update?

Approximately 15-30 minutes for updates.

Is the operating system updated?

We install Ubuntu as the operating system and the OS update is also installed with each Gitlab update.


When are backups made?

Once a day at night from the storage area.
Except for the registry: this is not currently backed up.

How quickly can a backup be imported?

Approximately 15-30 minutes after starting work.


Will we take over migration too?

We can perform the migration for you for a fee as part of our MyEngineer support service. 

Do we help with all things regarding Gitlab?

We are happy to help with operational issues free of charge.

What does support cover?

We will help as much as we can. However, we cannot fix bugs and errors in GitLab. This is the responsibility of the GitLab developers themselves.

What does the price indclude?

Traffic: Traffic is not charged separately, it is included in the price.

Maintenance: Also included in the price, we always make sure that new updates are installed as quickly as possible.

Support: We are also happy to help with problems that go beyond operation of the app, e.g. consulting services for a CI/CD configuration in GitLab or how what is operated - however, we will provide these consulting in form of our chargeable MyEngineer Support service

Monitoring: We also make sure that the apps are always available.

Further technical details

Is there a limit to the size of the repository, or can problems occur above a certain size?

We are not aware of this at the moment. We can enable Git LFS for you if you need it.

Can the runner cache overflow and need to be emptied manually?

Yes. The local runner cache is not emptied automatically. Otherwise fragments that a customer needs could be lost.

On which operating system do the supplied runners run?

Currently Fedora CoreOS 37 (June 2024)

Would it also be possible to connect your own runners?

This is possible. You can connect all the runners you want. They only need to be able to reach the GitLab instance with us.

You can also run additional runners in our OpenStack (you can set these up and maintain them yourself or our MyEngineer support service can do this for you).

Is the registry space expandable?

From the Advanced plan onwards, you can also book more storage space in this way. The price for storage can be found in the NWS price table:

Is there a certain number of repositories/projects in the CE variant?

We do not set any limits and we are not aware of any from GitLab CE in this respect.

Is OAuth or Personal Access Token set up?

Various OAuth providers can be set up via

You can read more about this in our documentation for the GitLab application:

Do I get full admin rights or full access to the server(s)?

You will be given full access to the GitLab web interface with full admin privileges. You will not have access to the underlying system.

Is IP whitelisting possible for incoming connections so that only our outgoing connections reach the Gitlab instance?

Unfortunately, this is not possible with our SaaS app. However, IP whitelisting could be mapped via the individually set up GitLab VM on our OpenStack.